Independence Day 2019: 5 weekend getaways from Kolkata

From Araku to Kalimpong, consider these destinations if you’re thinking of getting out of Kolkata this Independence Day weekend.

Being in the east opens up a whole lot of options for a long weekend getaway. For starters, all of north east India is your cocoon. And then there is the entire south east Asia with its bustling metropolises and beautiful beaches to consider too. While south east Asia may be out of bounds at the moment what with the heavy rains, the question of where to go this Independence Day weekend stands. Conveniently, we have some answers:

1. Araku


Its coffee has become stuff of legend after it won big at Prix Epicures OR last year. The verdant valley is also gaining popularity thanks to its microclimate that makes it a great destination for hot air ballooning. While it may not be ballooning season right now, Araku is still a pretty amazing place to wind down after two months of zero public holidays. Fly into Vishakhapatnam and following a two-hour drive up the hills, you’ll find yourself looking at the verdant landscape hugged by hills

2. Shillong

Shillong (Photograph: Abhishek Mande Bhot/

It’s one of the most easily accessible capitals of the north east. The stunning Meghalayan city is a great place to head to since you have a few days to spare. You could, of course, easily spend hours and days exploring the quiet lanes of Shillong and soaking in its small-town vibe or you could head down to Mawlynnong to explore the legendary living root bridges or the neighbouring Mawsynram, known to be the wettest inhabited place on earth. Return flight tickets to Shillong start at Rs 5700. Alternatively, you could also fly into Guwahati (return tickets start at Rs 4200) and rent a cab from there.

3. Krabi


Since it’s monsoon season right now, hotel and local transport prices are fairly low making it one of the least expensive time of the year to plan your trip to Krabi. The tourists begin to flock only after October so you are likely to get a lot more peace and quiet than you would during the peak season. What’s more, return airfare to Krabi starts at as little as Rs 12,000.

4. Kalimpong


If it’s the hills where you plan to escape, surely you’ve considered Kalimpong. Following a short flight to Bagdogra (return fare starts at Rs 3300) and a 45-minute drive later, you’re one of the most picturesque hill stations of the country and looking at the majestic Kanchenjunga.

5. Mumbai

Mumbai (Photograph: Abhishek Mande Bhot/

Now, why would you get out of one city only to go to another one? But think of it and you’d likely agree that the two cities have a lot more in common than meets the eye. The colonial architecture, a thriving cross-section of communities and a bustling vibe. To an outsider, Mumbai will always be something of an enigma. And what better time than now to explore this city, right?


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