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Wadia Group:

One of India’s oldest conglomerates, the Wadia Group traces its roots back to 1736 when Parsi businessman Lovji Nusserwanjee Wadia secured contracts with the British East India Company to build ships and docks in Bombay. Over the years, Wadia went on to construct Asia’s first dry-dock, the Bombay dry dock, the Surat ship-breaking yard, and more than 300 ships, which included the HMS Trincomalee, the second oldest ship afloat. His efforts also succeeded in making Bombay a strategic port for the British undertakings in Asia. Currently, the Group consists of several companies, out of which two of the Group's publicly traded companies have been listed for more than 100 years – the Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company and the Bombay Burmah Trading Corp. Today, the group is present across multiple sectors including aviation, chemicals, healthcare, plantations, consumer products and the real estate. Image credit: By Ian Petticrew, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14359271

Independence Day Special: 10 oldest Indian companies that trace their roots to pre-independent India

Long before India became one of the largest startup hubs in the word, businesses and enterprises were set up and flourished through decades of strife and resistance from the British raj, the license raj of the early independent India, the liberalisation of the economy and the ups and downs of today’s India. These companies have stood the test of time, some have been nationalised, diversified, acquired, and grown to reach the positions they are in today.

This independence day issue, we take a look at ten of the oldest companies in India: