5 places to getaway from Delhi on the Independence Day weekend

It's the capital, we know. But why wouldn't you take a flight out of the most connected airport in the country? With return flights to Kathmandu starting at as little as Rs 10,000 and London costing Rs 45,000, we'd say make the most of the Independence Day Weekend. Wouldn't you agree?

1. Kathmandu

Return flights to Kathmantu start at as little as Rs 10,000 but let that not be the only reason you should head up to Nepal. The Himalayan kingdom is still recovering from the massive 2015 earthquake and the efforts will culminate in 2020 when the government celebrates it as the Nepal Visit Year. What better way to show your support to a friendly neighbour than by actually visiting them, right?

2. Bagdogra

When we say Bagdogra we, of course, mean Darjeeling, Siliguri, Sikkim and even Bhutan to which Bagdogra serves as a gateway. Return flights to Bagdogra from New Delhi start at as little as Rs 7500. Hop on to one and the east and the north east is your oyster.

Photograph: Abhishek Kumar/Flickr – Under Creative Commons License

3. Goa

Ok so a return flight to Goa will likely cost you more than one to Nepal but do we really have to sell Goa to you? You may not be able to hit the beaches but the parties don’t stop, come rain or hailstorm. Isn’t that, sort of, the point about Goa?

4. Bangkok

With return flights starting at Rs 16,000, Bangkok is only tad more expensive to access than Goa. The street food, the nightlife… do you really need a reason to head over to Bangkok? We didn’t think so.

5. London

Ok hear us out. If you’re able to take just three days off on the week of August 15, you can actually have a full-fledged London vacation starting Friday, August 9 and returning Monday, August 19. Return flights cost about Rs 50,000 and a good Airbnb wouldn’t set you back too far. Think about it!

Note that the flight ticket costs are approximate and are subject to change.