How is India Breathing Today? Check Air Pollution Levels Here

Waking up to crisp, clean air in India’s metro cities seems like a far-away dream, but do you know just how bad or good the air you are breathing is? On Wednesday, 16 October, New Delhi saw air pollution PM 2.5 levels stagger at a ‘very unhealthy’ state.

By far the worst of the other metros, although Mumbai and Hyderabad did follow at an ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’ level.

Chennai and Bengaluru meanwhile fared much better, showing ‘moderate’ levels of air pollution this morning.

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What exactly does an ‘unhealthy’ or ‘moderate’ level of air pollution mean? The World Health Organisation identifies pollution levels are ranging from:

  • 0 - 50: Good. Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.
  • 51-100: Satisfactory. Air quality is acceptable; may be a moderate health concern for sensitive people.
  • 101-200: Moderate. Sensitive groups (with lung, heart diseases) may experience health issues.
  • 201-300: Poor. Everyone may begin to experience health issues like respiratory problems.
  • 301-400: Very Poor. Health warnings of emergency conditions. Entire population is likely to be affected.
  • 401-500: Severe. Health alert: everyone may experience more serious health issues

If you wish to check the air quality index of your city, click on this link:

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