‘India, China Will Have More COVID Cases With More Tests’: Trump

On Friday, 5 June, US President Donald Trump, at Puritan Medical Products in Maine, said that countries such as India and China would have many more coronavirus cases as compared to US if they increased the amount of testing being done, PTI reported.

While drawing a comparison, he said that the US has conducted as many as 20 million tests, while Germany stands at four million with South Korea at nearly three million tests.

US has nearly 1.9 million cases with over 1,09,000 deaths while India has reported 2,36,184 coronavirus cases with China at 84,177, as per the Johns Hopkins data. Regarding the number of tests, as per the health ministry, India has conducted over four million tests.

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“I say to my people every time we test; you find cases because we do more testing. If we have more cases, if we wanted to do testing in China or in India or other places, I promise you there would be more cases, you are doing a fantastic job in getting out the swabs,” Trump said.

Trump on Employment, Economy

On the employment front, Trump said that the country has witnessed the “largest monthly increase in jobs in American history.”

“I think it's more than double or about double of what our highest was before so this is the largest monthly job increase in American history. And we are going to have a phenomenal next year. We are going to have a tremendous couple of months prior to the election on 3 November, very, very important date,” he added.

He further vowed to uplift the economy that was affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

(With inputs from PTI)

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