India Successfully Conducts 3rd Dry Run of Coronavirus Vaccination; New Covid Strain Patients Reach 90+

Rutunjay Dole
·1-min read

On Friday India completed the third dry run for Covid-19 vaccination across the country as the central government prepares to fight back the pandemic a year since its outbreak.

The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare said in a statement, “the third massive countrywide mock drill was conducted yesterday for ensuring the readiness of all preparations and simulates a seamless and glitch free vaccination. It covered 4,895 session sites and Union Territories.”

The first vaccination dry run was carried out on January 2. “This activity will help administrators in strengthening the linkages between planning, implementation and reporting mechanisms, identification of any residual challenges before the actual implementation and to provide confidence to the programme managers at all levels to carry out a smooth implementation of the vaccination drive,” the health minister added.

On the other hand, India has crossed more than 90 cases of persons infected with the new mutant strain of coronavirus from the United Kingdom. In these 90 cases, 82 cases are announced till Friday. All these patients have been kept in single-room isolation wards at designated healthcare facilities by their respective state governments.

“Their close contacts have also been put under quarantine. Comprehensive contact tracing has been initiated for co-travellers, family contacts and others, while genome sequencing on other specimens is going on,” the ministry said earlier.