'Indian Idol 12': Former judge Anu Malik returns as guest

Shreya Mukherjee
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19 Mar 2021: 'Indian Idol 12': Former judge Anu Malik returns as guest

Music composer Anu Malik will be returning to the reality TV show Indian Idol 12 as a guest for a special episode.

This will mark Malik's return to the show after he was removed as a judge from Indian Idol 11, over sexual misconduct allegations.

He will be joined by lyricist Sameer and singer Udit Narayan on the episode.

Here are more details.

Special: The guests will share anecdotes from their careers, encourage contestants

The trio has been invited for a special episode, dedicated to the music of the 1990s.

Malik, Sameer, and Narayan will be seen encouraging the top 10 contestants of the show and will also share stories from their respective careers.

Narayan has become a regular guest on the show. He had appeared with his wife Poonam and daughter-in-law Shweta Agarwal in the ongoing season.

Old relations: Malik hinted he doesn't want to return as a judge

Malik dubbed his return as "homecoming". Speaking to The Times of India, the composer praised the current contestants, branding them to be the "best of all seasons."

"I had a great time being a part of the show I used to judge," he said.

When asked if he missed being a full-time judge, Malik replied that he is content with the new role.

Fact: 'I am happy being a guest'

"I don't think of the future. The makers gave me an opportunity to judge the show for many seasons but as of now I am happy being a guest," he said.

#MeToo: In Bollywood's #MeToo wave, Malik was also named

The 60-year-old has been an Indian Idol judge since the show's inception and continued being one for many years.

He had stepped down during Indian Idol 10 when allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

He was reinstated the next season, triggering a huge outcry. Singer Sona Mohapatra had strongly opposed his rehiring. Giving in to the social media outrage, Malik was replaced once again.

His response: However, the singer-composer had denied the allegations

Nearly a year after the allegations surfaced, Malik denied them, saying that as a father of two daughters, he couldn't even imagine doing such things.

"If this keeps on continuing. I will have no option but to knock on the doors of the courts to safeguard myself," he had said.

Tellingly, Bollywood's #MeToo stories started flowing in 2018 but the allegations failed to make any substantial changes.