Indian Influencers go Global with big hit management company Grynow!


Grynow is one of the top influencers marketing platform in India ( today.

From initial struggles and humble beginnings, the company today is networked with more than 5000 leading social media influencers in the country and probably one the very first ones in India to have correctly gauged the true potential of social media in enhancing brand reach and strengthening brand image.

Entry into the influencer marketing segment
Back in 2017 when influencer marketing in India was still at a very nascent stage, Mr. Washib Khan laid the foundation of Grynow. Washib was always attracted to Computer Science, automation and modern technology that he felt could be used as a cost-effective alternate to TV and print advertisements that were expensive and had limited scope in terms of effectiveness. On the personal front, Washib had an IIT-JEE ranking of 4579 and was enrolled with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in a stream that did not really interest him when he dropped out to pursue Computer Sciences from NSIT. It was while he was at college that he realized the potential of YouTube and other social media channels in effectively influencing the buying decision of Indian consumers and got the idea of creating an automated system to tap this channel.

On 1st August 2017, Washib met Amit Bhadana, a rising Indian YouTuber who already had a following of about 6 lakh subscribers at that moment. Later, on 7th August 2017, he met Rohit Khatri, another upcoming social media star performer in the fitness niche. Both the meetings quintessentially helped Washib in firming up his new innovative model that could take influencer marketing to new heights in the Indian domain. NSIT, his college offered to fund his business plan and model but Washib refused to take financial help though he started work on his dream in an office space under NSIT incubatorship. Here, he had a chance meeting with Mr. Vaibhav Saini who was doing his B. Tech from the same campus. Both hit it off instantly and thus was born Grynow with Washib and Vaibhav as the co-founders.

The Journey
While Grynow was still in the conception stage, the third co-founder Mr. Aman Rawat joined in. Aman was from VIT and shared similar concepts about automating businesses through the use of latest technology. Together, the three of them went out with grit and determination to approach corporates and brands to spread the word about influencer marketing. They used every means – from online methods to offline ways – to conceive marketing honchos sitting in their corporate offices about the benefits of their model but with little success initially. The path was challenging and ridden with rejections as the industry was not convinced, something that is quite normal because we humans have a tendency to resist change.

Taste of Success
Consistent hard work always pays, and it was proved soon enough. The first breakthrough for the trio happened with a small local brand called Swadesi Merchandise. The company spent about INR 30,000/- by associating with an influencer through a video content on YouTube and made a sales worth INR 1.5 lakh. The next work was from an international brand, named Azar and the deal was worth $20,000 USD. This was the turning point and since then there has been no turning back for the owners of Grynow.

Grynow – Today
With each successful campaign in the Indian influencer marketing marketplace, Grynow started to receive interest from angel investors like SAFF partners and others who wanted to put their funds in the growing company but CEO, Mr. Washib Khan refused as the company was now out of its teething problems and had started to earn good revenues.

Today, Grynow is a self-sufficient profit-making business entity that is strengthening its base like never before. This year, the company went in for major expansion of its internal team – from operations to management to sales, graphic designing and all other aspects – for it was now working with top-notch brands in India like Oyo, Paytm, TikTok, Snapdeal, Spoil and many more such prominent brands. Grynow, today is not limited to working with brands only in India, and has expanded to work with reputed brands in the UK, US, Indonesia, Middle-east and Singapore.

Being a leading influencer marketing company in India, the founders of Grynow are well-respected in the industry circles today. Thanks to their persistent effort and belief in their ingenious model. From content strategizing to result-oriented systems and structures, organizational capabilities, marketing and leads nurturing proficiencies, the co-founders of Grynow are truly leading by example!

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