Indian men were more ‘active’ than women in 2019: Survey

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Tier 1 cities in India were more active than Tier 2 cities in 2019. (Source: Getty Images)

Indian men and women spent less than 50 per cent of their calorie burn budget in a day in 2019, according to an recent analysis of physical activity levels of Indians. Calorie budget refers to the number of calories a person should burn daily through physical activity. The average calorie burn budget of Indian men is 476 calories per day, compared to 374 calories per day for women.

Compiled by HealthifyMe, the survey found 45 per cent and 37 per cent of Indian women and men respectively were 'inactive' in 2019. About 42 per cent of men were 'active', burning more than 80 per cent of their calorie burn budget while 21 per cent were 'mildly active', burning between 50-80 per cent of calories. Among women, on the other hand, only 33 per cent were 'active' and 22 per cent were 'mildly active'. While males took 5009 steps per day, females took 3270 steps on an average per day in 2019.

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Interestingly, people between 20-30 years of age — about 41 per cent — were found to be more 'inactive' than 38 per cent of people in their 30s and 37 per cent in their 40s. About 48 per cent among those in the 50s were 'inactive'.

In a city-wise analysis, Tier 1 cities were more 'active' than Tier 2 cities in 2019, burning 293 and 283 calories per day respectively. The average number of steps taken by people in Tier 1 cities per day were 4493 as compared to 4310 by people in Tier 2 cities. Kolkata was found to be the least 'active' city.

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The survey also listed the unhealthiest foods in the metro cities. Parantha, suji rusk, boondi raita, samosa in Delhi; samosa, vada pav, parantha, medu vada in Mumbai; vada, masala dosa, ghee, puri in Bengaluru; samosa, vada, biscuit, puri in Chennai; and biscuit, white bread, parantha, samosa in Kolkata were ranked the unhealthiest.

The amounts of calories (302 per day) and fat burnt (28 per cent) on Sunday were the least. Friday, on other hand, was the most active day with an average calorie burn of 335 per day.

Walking and running were found to be the most popular workouts, apart from other indoor exercises like treadmill, planks, bicycling, push-ups and yoga asanas like Surya Namaskar. Standing torso twist/spinal rotation and skiing were some of the exercises that helped people burn as much as 6000 calories in a day.