This Indian Railways TC has collected over Rs 1.5 crore in fines from ticketless passengers!

Devanjana Nag

Indian Railways ticket checker collects huge fines! In 2019, an Indian Railways ticket checker of Central Railway zone caught a total of 22,680 ticketless passengers and collected Rs 1.51 crore fine from them. According to an official quoted in a PTI report, Travelling Ticket Inspector S B Galande has become the highest individual revenue earner for Central Railways last year. Ticket Inspector, Galande is a member of Central Railway Flying Squad. Apart from him, three other TCs of the Central Railway zone also collected over Rs 1 crore each in fines from ticketless passengers in the year 2019, the official said.

According to the official, the three other TCs besides Galande are M M Shinde, D Kumar, from the same squad and Chief Ticket Inspector of Mumbai division, Ravi Kumar G. The official further said that Galande, Shinde and D Kumar collected the fine from ticketless passengers on long-distance trains, while Ravi Kumar G collected the fine from commuters on Mumbai suburban network. Shinde collected an amount of Rs 1.07 crore from 16,035 ticketless travellers, D Kumar Rs 1.02 crore from 15,234 number of passengers, and Ravi Kumar collected an amount of Rs 1.45 crore from 20,657 commuters. The Travelling Ticket Inspectors of Indian Railways are authorized to collect fines from ticketless passengers on both long-distance and local trains, he said.

Shivaji Sutar, Chief Public Relations Officer of Central Railways said that the zone felicitated them with cash reward and certificate from the zonal general manager for their contribution. In the year 2019, the zone earned Rs 192.51 crore from 37.64 lakh cases of irregular and ticketless travel, against fine of Rs 168.30 crore from 34.09 lakh cases in 2018.

Compared to 2018, the earnings in 2019 increased by 14.39 per cent, while the cases of ticketless travel increased by 10.41 per cent. Another Central Railway official said that despite regular drives against ticketless travel, such cases are increasing every year.