India's A-Grade Rapper Mack-The Rapper

Rap, Hip Hop is a piece of separate music which is not possible to deliver by the ordinary talent it needs extraordinary ability to showcase something unique to the world with quick words, lines with Rhythm and understand the flow of this unique music.

Rapping looks easy, but it's not, No one can even sing a line. It's an exceptional talent which only 5% of the people have and "Mainak Ganguly" aka Mack The Rapper comes in that rare list.

Mack-The Rapper, type of artists, have advanced the limits of civilisation and our culture and they can create a new vibe in the music world with their sheer talent. Mind you it needs guts, style, voice to crack this music and beloved by the youth.

Rappers like Mack-The Rapper are born gifted who create a different world of music beats and mixed music than traditional. Rap music is basically a piece of fast music which targets youth of the country mostly.

Actually, It is a great time to be part 2020 and listen to New kind of music of India and sheer music talents with A grade Musician rappers like Mack- The Rapper. It gives a new style and aura, which will provide you with goosebumps and thorough enjoyment to the young audience when they hear it.

The success of this music in recent times is the proof even B-town is taking Rap Music on a serious note with talent like Mack- The Rapper.

According to Mack-The Rapper, it is not an easy thing to create art and put that to the young and energetic audiences. You need to have that voice which goes to fast music. Only young guns can understand the speed of this music, and if you see the record, only young groups and singers tried this music as a startup. India is not used to this music, and principal reasons are many young stars don't believe in their capability, and the second thing is fear of failure and getting boos from the audience.

It is great to see an artist like Mack-The Rapper coming forward to rock the Indian music and take it to an international level with unique and crispy music which makes you dance crazy. We hope Mack-the Rapper continues his rocking journey like this and we see him rocking the stage with EMINEM.