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India's most influential politicians 2019

Yahoo India brings to you a ‘power list’ of India’s 10 most powerful politicians....

India's 10 Most Influential Personalities in Politics, 2019

These are the political big guns whose policies, ideology and determination have the power to shape the future of India. Several of them serve the people to make a difference in their lives. Everything they do impacts the lives of millions of Indian.

As part of an exclusive series, Yahoo India brings to you a ‘power list’ of India’s 10 most powerful politicians.

Methodology: Ranking famous politicians as per their perceived and/or real clout in their respective spheres of influence is a tough task at the best of times. For the purpose of populating this list, we have tried to be very objective and transparent. The factors that governed our choices are as follows: measurable success in terms of electoral victories, influence on people through speeches, campaigns and policies; visibility and standing in traditional and social media, achievements in the last 12 months, the impact they have they have made within the country and outside, and that intangible 'wow' factor that lends these people the Midas touch.

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