Indiawaali Maa aka Sucheeta Trivedi REVEALS What’s MOST Uncomfortable For Her On-screen!

Maithili Shinde
·3-min read

Sucheeta Trivedi has been a part of the entertainment industry for over four decades. Her show “Indiawaali Maa” keeps her busy, but she confessed that she would love to do something on the OTT platforms. The actress also stated that she is ok with the bold content on them, but, she will not enjoy doing something like that.

“The content on OTT is bold, there is a market for nudity, there is a market for soft porn, there is a market for titillating content, and since there is a market and there are buyers, there are sellers too. Our Indian culture has also been about Kamasutra etc., so I am not very hypocritical about the kind of content out there,” she said.

“But not all shows on OTT are bold. If given an option I won’t be fine doing such scenes. I am not comfortable exposing my body on-screen. I can do sex-comedy, I can do double meaning talks, but I can’t expose, I am just not comfortable doing it,” the “Baa Bahoo Aur Baby” actress said.

Sucheeta also believes that the content on TV, OTT, and films are very different from each other. She said, “The content on OTT is as realistic as it can be. Most of the content is very dark. If you talk about TV, it is very light, in the sense that it’s about family values, love, and romance. Yes, there are reality shows and mythological shows, but mostly it’s very light.”

“Of late I feel it has upgraded a little because people also want to see real actors, they just don’t want to see young faces romancing. There are shows which are very real and relatable too. If we talk about films, there are a plethora of options there. Be it political, thriller, romantic, comedy, there are films in every genre,” she added.

The “Bh Se Bhade” actress also mentioned that OTT platforms have allowed exploring more ideas, and different types of stories.

“I feel OTT has given the power to explore more ideas. You can’t do such things on TV that you can do on OTT. Tomorrow on OTT, you can have a story about a 65-year-old drunk man, or a crazy old woman, but you can’t have that on TV. So OTT has not just provided opportunities to many but has also given birth to a lot of ideas,” she said.

What kind of shows would you love to do on OTT? “I would love to do a ‘Modern Family’ kind of drama on OTT. I would love to be a part of something like ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Sex And The City’. I would like to do a love story, a crime thriller, I would also love to do a historical character like Sarojini Naidu.”

“I would basically love to do varied roles on OTT, from a courtesan, to a queen, a psychopath, a computer geek, a surgeon, or may be a chef. The sky is the limit and this platform can give an actor the opportunity to play anything under the sun,” Sucheeta concluded.