Indie-Star Radhika Apte is a multifaceted package of entertainment, donning many hats!

Rajendra Pal


Radhika Apte is a thinker, an actress, a fashion icon, a producer, a writer and now a director- yes, a polymath? That wouldn’t be wrong to say. Words truly fall short when describing her. She is surely an embodiment of entertainment. Radhika Apte submerges herself into the depth of the character when she is acting. She always manages to scratch the surface no matter how deep the ocean may be ans brings the best to the audience.

The actress is known for nailing unconventional roles on-screen, hammering down the unconventional roles with her method acting. The Indie-Star is also known to enchant everyone with her fashion sense with the finest of the silhouettes that she dons. She provides us with her state-of-the-art modern and unique approach to women’s wardrobe and apt sartorial picks, each time.

Popularity hailed as an Indie-Star for her artistry and edgy choices, Radhika is the digital queen wirh her omnipresence speaking volumes in itself. She has moved us with her breath taking performances in Sacred game, Andhadhun, Lust stories and much more- bringing big box office numbers and breakthrough successes every time.

The actress’s performance in all her roles has been spell binding. As soon as she whooshes the wand of her acting on-screen, she captures hearts of the Indian film industry and its audience. What’s more is that she is also known to be a delightful and a fun-loving person off-screen.

Radhika Apte’s will be mesmerizing us next in a film alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui, for which the actress has already finished the first schedule of shoot in Lucknow. The pair was last seen sharing screen space for a web series. All the audience of the Indian film industry craves for what Radhika has in store for them!

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