It's about an individual's struggle to find relevance: director Ivan Ayr on 'Milestone'

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New Delhi, Apr 9 (PTI) Director Ivan Ayr, whose award-winning film 'Milestone' is all set to premiere on Netflix on May 7, says his film is a 'meditative narrative' about an individual's struggle to find relevance.

At the heart of the story is a seasoned truck driver, Ghalib, against the backdrop of a cut-throat capitalist system. As Ghalib comes face to face with one of the painful aspects of the cycle of life - the young replacing the old - he realizes that covering physical distances does not necessarily mean that one is getting anywhere in life. 'Milestone' was officially selected by the Venice and Busan International Film Festivals. The film was awarded the top prize at the 31st Singapore International Film Festival where actor Suvinder Vicky won Best Performance.

'‘Milestone’ is an illustration of an individual's struggle to find relevance... I chose a truck driver’s perspective to highlight this struggle because I see something peculiar in the nature of the occupation. An inherent contradiction: mobile, but stuck within the confines of their own truck - which somewhat mirrors modern life in general. We are all prisoners of our own perspectives, becoming increasingly detached from the world around us,' Ayr said in a statement.

Calling it 'a meditative narrative that immerses the viewers in its atmosphere', the director hoped that Netflix’s global audiences experience the tender emotions of the story's seemingly hardy characters and 'ultimately get close enough to the protagonist so that they feel his deep-seated fears of life’s unexpected changes'.

The film is produced by Kimsi Singh. Ayr previously directed 'Soni' for Netflix. PTI BK BK BK