An Indomitable Spirit: Story of a 25-Year-Old Who Defeated COVID-19 Despite an End-Stage Renal Failure and Underwent a Successful Kidney Transplantation

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New Delhi, November 11: Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, people all over the world have been struggling to keep-up-physically, mentally and emotionally -amid this long-bewildering fight against the virus. Not only has it completely changed the way of life, in present times, the effects are likely to be chronicled for years to come. Despite all the lost lives and hopes, stories of undying courage of COVID-19 patients, their fight and their recoveries, not only re-lights the dim ray of faith to its full brightness. One such story is of a driver from Tumkur, not only he defeated COVID-19 but also has a successful kidney transplantation during this outbreak, and is now living a health and happy life.

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The 25-year-old was suffering from end-stage renal failure, has developed multiple health complications and was under going dialysis for last one year. " I was under going dialysis in Tumkur three times a week and I couldn't immediately resume work after each session as I was feeling tired most of the time," he recalls. After waiting for eight months, his kidney transplantation surgery was finally scheduled in February, 2020. However, owing to the lockdown and restrictions, the surgery was postponed. Women Entrepreneurs in COVID-19: Stories of Women Who Rose Through the Pandemic With Their Entrepreneurial Aptitude.

Meanwhile, in July he tested positive for COVID-19. Despite a worsening kidney condition, he fought and won over the coronavirus, however it further delayed the surgery by two months, as the risk of reactivation of the virus was high for two months post recovery from the virus and not safe for transplant. "Initially I was afraid due to my health condition but I got treatment at the right time," he said. An Integrative And Functional Doc Explains Her Philosophy On Health And Wellness!

Finally in September, after a brave victory against the COVID-19, this young driver from Tumkur underwent a successful kidney transplant surgery. Dr Deepak Kumar, Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant physician at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur- where he was operated, said “Performing kidney transplant on such patients is complicated and challenging as it is difficult to say how the patient responds to the surgery post-transplant partly owing to the immuno-suppressive medications. He has recovered really well.”

He said that he is "doing well and able to do my day-to-day work." Among all the uncertainties, amid a pandemic and an end-stage renal failure, this 25-year-old young driver from Tumkur showed the world how to dodge all the complexities with faith and determination and come out of the every battle victorious without losing hope.

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