Indrajit Lahiri- A food blogger, spreading the appetite and hunger for different cuisines through words


Marcel Boulestin quoted right when he said, “Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.” Indrajit Lahiri is a man of food. He loves to eat and he loves to share his experiences with the world. Being an IIT entrepreneur by profession, Indrajit feels every food has a story, that needs to be told.

Indrajit started off Pickle Solutions after working for one of the MNC’s almost a decade back. Although this was not the limits he wanted to stay confined to. He loves traveling and taking photographs of his experiences and the beauty he sees around. In the process of traveling, he also learned that food is an integral part of human lives and the culture that people in a specific place represent. This motivated him to give people an insight of different cuisines found in different places. He also gave people an understanding of the food that is famously found in a specific place. Indrajit never failed to provide his reviews on the food that he tries and makes the same acquaintance with his followers.

Since Indrajit is very active on social media platforms, he is obliged to stay connected with his readers and followers at all times. Indrajit is an active food blogger and Youtuber. He also receives a lot of invitations from different hotels and restaurants, in order to present his critique. Kolkata has been one of those places that Indrajit has explored mainly because of his love for traveling and for food. Indrajit’s blog named “Mohamushkil” is one of the most followed food blogs on the internet when it comes down to searching or understanding Indian cuisine. He has been very engrossed in exploring this food blogging and it has open doors for him and makes his journey even more exciting. He is extremely honest with his review and does not hold back in order to sugar-coat his words to make the chef or the restaurant or the seller any better if such circumstance arises. In his many interviews and introductions, he has clearly mentioned that he is brutally honest about his reviews, and maybe that had been his USP.

Sensing that there is a readership beyond the digital world, Indrajit has also written a book named “Food Kahini” where he explains his experiences and his memories associated- food history (the stories beyond food items) and geography (where he loves to have them). He holds a belief that food is not only about taste or just to fulfill one’s hunger, but it is also about the emotion and the memories that we make while having the food at a certain place. In 2018, Indrajit has also been a judge for a cooking competition of more than 70 contestants at the diamond plaza. He had also been a part of the judging panel organized by Holiday Inn Hotel in the year 2017. This is not an end to the list of his achievements as a food blogger and a food critique. He is also playing the role of the main character in a web-series named “Foodka” along with Mirr Afsar Ali and Sunando Banerjee This is being aired on Youtube and is currently among the top-grossing food-related Youtube Channels in India. And Foodka has gained substantial popularity in just 2 years since its inception.

Indrajit is very down to earth man and he still believes that he is in the learning process and that he has many more phases to unfold in his journey of food. His love for traveling and food is definitely taken directions that would leave him with the utmost success and love from people.

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