Infant recovers from COVID-19 in Punjab, family says prayers answered

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Chandigarh, May 8 (PTI) In early April, Gurdeep Singh and his wife Sandeep Kaur were blessed with a baby boy. However, their happiness was short-lived as 20 days after his birth, the baby tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalised with high fever and seizures.

Sandeep could not feed her son Sukhdeep Singh or comfort him while he fought for his life. All that the family could do was pray for his well-being.

Ten days later, when the infant was discharged from the Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Jalandhar on Friday, Gurdeep said, 'It seems that God heard our prayers.' Hailing from Punjab's Kapurthala, Gurdeep said the news of Sukhdeep testing positive for COVID-19 had come as a shock for the family as both he and his wife had tested negative.

Sukhdeep was discharged from PIMS, Jalandhar after going through all medical tests including RT-PCR, an official statement said here.

Sandeep's happiness knew no bounds as she cradled her son in her lap once again.

Sukhdeep's grandmother Kulwinder Kaur said, 'With God's grace, my grandson is back home healthy. Doctors looked after him very well.' The nursing staff that looked after Sukhdeep was also happy to see him return home.

'We looked after the child with utmost care. It was hard to see an infant go through so much pain,' said Ruby, a nurse at PIMS.

She said Sukhdeep was fed milk with a spoon as his mother could not be with him.

Dr Jatinder Singh, the paediatrician under whose supervision Sukhdeep was treated, said that the infant was admitted with high fever and seizures.

His case was very challenging for us. All the more challenging was to counsel his parents. But they understood the gravity of the case and fully cooperated in the baby's treatment, he said. PTI VSD CHS DIV DIV