An influencer on a mission to make medicine less scary, Doctor Ethan

Everything is going digital, and medicine is no exception. Young medical professionals see the vast opportunity to reach audiences outside of their patients with valuable and engaging content. Whether it's through Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, or Twitter, doctors and medical providers are getting the right information to their followers in fun and engaging ways.

Young doctors are particularly fond of engaging on social media platforms. One young medical student, in particular, is making waves on Instagram with his mission to make medicine less scary. Ethan Smallwood is an ambitious medical student with a large following. With over 100K followers on his Instagram account, Ethan creates content with the intent of giving his followers helpful medical knowledge besides a glimpse into his exciting jet-setter lifestyle.

A passionate and vibrant young man, Ethan knows how to reach people and make his content more effective by keeping it honest and relatable. "Medicine was an easy career to choose," explains Ethan. "I'd always excelled at sciences from secondary school, and I was fascinated by how the human body was so complex. Furthermore, becoming a doctor is such a rewarding profession; being able to help vulnerable and sick patients every day and improve their quality of life is such a privilege." With so much misinformation about the medical profession found on the internet, Ethan is committed to getting an unbiased and factual opinion out there via social media. Ethan is currently in the process of launching his YouTube channel, "The Student Doctor." On his channel, he aims to share medical information alongside advice on getting into a medical school and pursuing rewarding careers in the field.

At just 21 years of age, Ethan already has some impressive accomplishments to his name. During his teens, he became the recipient of two academic scholarships at Solihull School, a highly selective, private school in the UK. It was during Ethan’s time at University that his Instagram following grew rapidly as people became fascinated by his journey through medical school. As a result, he was named as the 2019 Big Name on Campus at Nottingham University.

Though he may have found a sizeable following through Instagram, Ethan is poised to take his knowledge to a broader audience and looks forward to working as a doctor following his graduation in 2021. What inspires him the most is the variety in the medical profession. Ethan states, "The variety in medicine is unrivaled, being able to work with hundreds of conditions from genetic disorders to cancers and working with athletes to the elderly and newborns."

Initially, from Birmingham, UK Ethan Smallwood has proved via Instagram that he is a rising star and is grateful for what he has been able to accomplish on the platform. Creating a YouTube channel was the logical next step for the charismatic and engaging student. As followers continue to value the knowledge sharing of social media, Ethan Smallwood is undoubtedly an influencer to not only watch but trust.