Influencer Tal Revivo adding wings to brands making them prosper in the media

For Tal Revivo digital marketing just happened out of blue. He kept on traveling passing pillars to post catching up photos with his DSLR he got when he was heading to his first international trip to South America moving to nations like Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Argentia. This is where he clicked several photos and then started selling back in Israel that remains his home nations. It was at this point, he realized that Instagram is the perfect platform for him to share all the photos he had clicked during his travel to the said nations.

As he experimented at the video and photos sharing platform called Instagram, he used his knack to present the same using his grey cells presenting innovatively. This exposed his talent and knack for digital marketing using Instagram allowing a couple of brands to contact him to head their digital marketing drives for their brands. He then joined the brand agency called MCM Entertainment. This is where he got in touch with the real world of social media marketing using Instagram.

The company was in promoting several brands with digital content for a wide range of brands like Durex, Sano, Samsung, and others to name a few. He left no stone unturned to promote their brand getting a good experience and exposure. This helped him to embark upon his firm dealing with digital marketing campaigns. This is where he played many roles, right from doing commercial ads, headed creative ventures and even tried filmmaking for ads and digital marketing campaigns.

He worked with many brands for their digital marketing campaigns like Tommy, G star, Factory 54, Celio, Dsquared2, Levi’s and headed them. Thus working with every aspect of life with his DSLR offering the best solutions to brands making them bigger and better in the market.