Inside the Life of Dan Plowman: The Rise of Real Estate Expert from Durham

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In the business world, it is believed that a vision is merely a dream unless it is put into action to transform it into reality. Dedication, perseverance and determination are the fundamental pillars to realizing a business’ vision. Dan Plowman, a professional in the real estate industry from Ontario, Canada, is a visionary who excels in the industry year after year through his innovative strategies.

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Dan Plowman was in the HVAC business when his interest started shifting to the real estate business. He came to realize that what inspired him the most in HVAC was the adrenaline rush he would get from sales. He then took a leap of faith, sold his successful business and dove into real estate to enhance his sales tactics. His first year into a new field was an eye-opener as it revealed the positives and negatives of the industry and the gaps that needed to be bridged to upscale the business.

The new industry transition was not as seamless as he imagined; Dan entered the real estate field during a market crash. The market conditions had shaken up the industry as many tenured professionals from the sector were leaving the business, which made Dan question if he could handle it as someone new to the business. He decided to seize the moment and use his skillsets to master the industry, no matter the market conditions. Dan Plowman dedicated his time and efforts until he genuinely believed he was where he was meant to be.

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Endless worknights and consistent perseverance allowed Dan to realize his vision. By the third year into the industry, Dan Plowman knew this was his calling. Within the first few years of his career in real estate, he was able to identify some flaws in the business model that were hindering the growth of the industry. The most detrimental flaw in the model was the vetting and screening process of the Realtors. He believed that vetting and adequately training Realtors would bridge the gap and amend the discrepancies between Realtors and consumers. One of the most prominent forms of investment is purchasing or selling a property. Dan quickly learned that by educating and vetting Realtors, fair practice and consumer satisfaction would be guaranteed, positively uplifting the real estate business.

The Dan Plowman Team was introduced for Dan to take matters into his own hands and to begin shaping the industry by implementing the changes that flawed the real estate business model. Dan Plowman Team implemented policies and screening processes that ensured. Realtors were adequately trained, vetted and educated for the overall success of all parties involved. Over the last three decades, the company has successfully seized the industry, exceeding the expectations of consumers and real estate professionals; Dan Plowman has sold more real estate in Durham, Ontario, over a decade than any other realtor. The team consists of professionals who, as a result of Dan’s new and improved strategies, promise proficiency and fair practices adherence to policies and procedures and maximized profit margins for both Realtors and consumers.

The methods and strategies used to build the successful Dan Plowman team have been a compilation of turnkey methods to develop his coaching company for over a decade, allowing other realtors to adopt similar approaches and strategies as his team currently uses. Dan Plowman is a firm believer that one cannot teach what they do not practice; thus, he was able to take his experiences and learnings to allow other realtors to enhance their skills using current relevant turnkey systems. Dan Plowman’s resiliency and vision allowed him to form one of the finest teams in the real estate business. For over a decade, he has also managed to develop and fine-tune a world-class coaching and training company. Interview compiled by LuxVision Media Group Inc.