[Inside Video] Shah Rukh Khan smiles with pride as Gauri Khan dedicates her first award to him

Pooja Nayak
How sweet, Gauri Khan!

We remember how Gauri Khan had once mentioned in an interview saying, “I’m sure I will reach a position in my life where people will understand it’s not just about being Mrs Shah Rukh Khan, but about the work I do. It may take a few years but I’m ready to wait. I want people to know we mean business.” Guess, that day has finally arrived in her life! Gauri, who has been into the designing space since many years now, won her first ever award at the Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards that was held recently. She won the title of ‘Excellence in Design’. But obviously, she couldn’t contain her emotions. She was beaming with joy when she went to receive her first ever award on stage. Also readGauri has fallen in love with Shah Rukh Khan again and this tweet is proof

But the sweetest moment was when she dedicated this award to her pillar of strength, the love of her life – Shah Rukh Khan. “For the last thirty years, I have attended so many award functions with my husband and this is the first time that I have received an award and he is sitting right here, this one is for you”, said Gauri leaving SRK beam with pride and low from the front row. Here, watch the video below:

Talking about Shah Rukh, she had earlier revealed, ‘’Shah Rukh himself, if he wasn’t an actor, would probably have liked to become an architect or interior designer. He’s totally into buying property, building and decorating… very passionate about it. I have no doubt that if he was given any space, especially an office, he would make the swankiest one ever, much better than I ever could! Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time to do this, but he does have the vision.”