Cuddling this 'sleep robot' could help you nod off

The Somnox Sleep Robot could help you nod off
The Somnox Sleep Robot could help you nod off. [Photo: Somnox]

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From sleeping pills to counting sheep, people will try almost anything to help them nod off.

And now, cuddling a bionic pillow is being suggested as the latest way to fight insomnia.

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The Somnox Sleep Robot supposedly “breathes” at the optimal rate, helping users snooze longer, faster and better.

While hugging the “robot” close, a user mimics its breathing, helping them drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Although it may sound farfetched, users have raved about the “amazing” product, calling it the “only thing that has worked”.

Sleepless and desperate beautiful latin woman awake at night not able to sleep looking at clock suffering from insomnia in sleep disorder concept.
After battling insomnia for years, fans are calling the robot "amazing". [Photo: Getty]

“Knowing about sleep is nice and there are plenty of products out there that help track your sleep, but it's time for a device like the Sleep Robot that actually does something to help you get to sleep,” Julian Jagtenberg, cofounder of Somnox, said.

With a CO2 and movement sensor, the pillow reportedly monitors a user’s breathing rate before “setting” the ideal pace for shut eye.

Simply focusing on breathing may also free up a user’s mind of the racing thoughts that keep them awake at night, the manufacturers claim.

As if that was not enough, the robot is even linked to an app that emits the soothing tones of lullabies to help you nod off.

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If that’s not your thing, it can also play white noise or talk you through a guided meditation to help you relax at the end of the day.

Users can even personalise the sound they find most relaxing, whether it be their cat purring or the sound of rain against their window.

Rather like a teddy bear, cuddling the soft pillow may also have a “calming effect”, and “gives a sense of safety and relaxation”, the manufacturers claim.

The brains behind the device allege it is based on “proven cognitive and simulated human breathing techniques”.

To ensure it really works, the pillow was tested on more than 5,000 people over two years, who together provided “sleep feedback”.

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While it all sounds impressive, no studies appear to demonstrate the Sleep Robot helps a user fall asleep.

It also doesn’t come cheap, selling for £549 on Amazon.

But for some the hefty price may be worth it, with 65% of the four reviewers giving it the full five stars.

“I've suffered from bad bouts of insomnia related to anxiety for more than 10 years,” one wrote.

“I've had the Somnox sleep robot for a little over three weeks now, and I'm amazed at how much the sleep robot has helped me.”

Another raved: “This is the only thing that has helped me to sleep.”

“I was a severe insomniac even going up to seven days without sleep at my worst. With Somnox I fall asleep within 30 minutes and wake up less often at night.”

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