‘Inspiration to all!’ Mohanlal meets Kerala’s ‘amazing’ couple who run a tea shop and visited 25 countries

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Malayalam superstar Mohanlal is all praise for this aged couple! Not just that, the ‘Lucifer’ actor hosted the couple at his residence, referring to them as an ‘inspiration to all’.  In Mohanlal’s posts on social media, the actor shared a candid image with the popular travelling couple, Vijayan and Mohana Vijayan. Also known as Kerala’s ‘travelling couple’, they worked doubly hard and earned money by running their Sri Balaji Coffee house at Kochi’s Gandhinagar to pursue their love for travel. 

As of now, they have visited more than 25 countries. In fact, they are known to lead a very simple and minimalistic life in order to go on these trips abroad.

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All praise for the couple, Mohanlal’s caption on social media conveyed his admiration and respect for the couple who overcame their limitations to pursue their love for traveling, something that clearly needs to be appreciated.

In today’s world, travelling to other countries is largely seen as the privilege of well-to-do families and individuals, particularly in India. As travel costs keep rising, it is not easy for those with limited means of earning to travel worldwide. 

Even with the increasing trend of millennial generation, travel is now being viewed as an aspirational activity too. Rarely is foreign travel seen as something that people with limited earnings can opt to do.

No wonder, Mohanlal met this aged couple from Kerala, who made foreign travel to 25 countries seem so effortlessly easy! In his social media posts, the actor had thanked the couple for the special meal they had so lovingly prepared and brought him when they visited him at his residence. 

The actor shared that he feels blessed to be in their company. The actor’s tweets and social media posts have gone viral.

Hard work, sincere efforts and careful planning is what helped them to stay committed to their life’s passion – travel the world!