Inspiring Story Of A Multi-Talented Entrepreneur - Justin Secreti

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One of the most dominant factors that determine our future is education. It is considered a crucial part of our lives by our family and society and more or less reflects our career choices. However, some people do not depend entirely on their education to decide their future goals. Instead, they listen to their instincts and follow their dream path that leads them to success. One such man is Justin Secreti, who is a highly efficient and talented entrepreneur. At present, Secreti manages four different businesses simultaneously. It shows his strength and determination towards being successful.

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About Justin Secreti

Justin resides in Syracuse, New York. He is interested in starting new ventures, helping others succeed through his work, taking his boat out on hot summer days, continuously developing new skills and he is dedicated to providing a better life for his family. Justin says that despite being grown up in a poor household and dropping out of high school in 11th grade, he was able to start 2 businesses from scratch and become a part owner of two more.

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Justin Elucidating his Professional Front

Secreti states that he manages a credit repair business wherein he helps people remove negative items from their credit reports. He also teaches them how to build credit for their future. He also runs an online automation sales business which includes dropshipping products from various websites. Justin mentions that he is a part-owner of a discord group where he and his team teaches people to invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, and many other things to help them become self-sufficient. Moreover, Justin is all set to become part-owner of a new and upcoming energy drink business.

Secreti's Viewpoint on Challenges and Obstacles

Justin does not sugar-coat anything and mentions that every day is a challenge for him. He says that starting any business from scratch at a young age will come with tons of obstacles. 'If you are addicted to becoming successful, you will always find a way to figure things out and achieve your goals.' Marks Justin.

Piece of Advice Given by Justin Secreti

Justin feels that schools and colleges are not for everyone. He believes that our schooling system is flawed and does not offer the right tools for people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Secreti suggests that if one wants to make things happen in life, they will have to figure out their own path instead of relying on a system that might not pertain to their specific goals.

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