Instagram Influencer and Motivational Speaker Steve Holbrook on the best advice he received

While people continue to work hard towards achieving their goals, a gentle push in the right direction can prove to be truly life-altering. Such is the responsibility that rests upon the shoulders of motivational speakers globally. Steve Holbrook, a popular social media figure, is one such motivational speaker who truly loves sharing his experience, knowledge and wisdom to help people reach their true potential.

Steve firmly believes that being successful is not as complicated as people perceive it to be. While hard work, dedication and perseverance are quintessential ingredients, the most powerful factor of all is your mind-set. Steve has faced adverse situations and prevailed during his own journey. Steve recalls the wisest words he has been on the receiving end of, “If life teaches you anything at all, it is to never give up. What makes a situation bad is not the circumstance itself, but how we choose to react to it.” Steve goes on to explain, “This is the sheer power of adopting a positive mind-set. It is the single greatest piece of advice that I’ve ever received.”

Steve was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 2. When he grew up, he made the difficult decision to remedy the issue which resulted in the removal of his lower bowels. Steve overcame his ordeal and used it to fuel his passion to succeed. Steve bounced back and grew his net-worth 8 folds in the years to come.

Steve has always chosen to lead by example and he spends most of his time recruiting, grooming and mentoring leaders. His passion to help people succeed has been a constant motivator through all of his endeavours. Steve elaborated on this point, “I specialize in helping people build their identities, set achievable goals and change their lifestyle and habits to bring about a positive change in their lives. It really is an amazing feeling to be able to help transform people’s lives.”

Steve is constantly striving to reach out to more people. He is one of the fastest growing social media influencers online today, with close to 100,000 followers on various platforms. He also has a widely popular blog where he covers a variety of topics such as life, business, success and finances. While Steve is a renowned motivational expert today, he is deeply grateful to have had met fantastic people during his journey, especially Ed Mylett, his own mentor, close friend and advisor.