Instagram bullish on India’s youth power! Mental health, cyber bullying and gender sensitivity in focus

FE Online

Taking a lead in purging the internet platform of its evils and initiate conversations on vital issues affecting the youth, Instagram has initiated a campaign in collaboration with youth and media insights company Yuvaa. The information was put out by Yuvaa on its official twitter handle. The campaign termed ‘Unlabel India’ will aim at making the experience on the internet safer and supportive towards the youth of the country. The campaign will aim at kindling conversations around the issues which are swept under the carpet like mental health, cyberbullying, gender sensitivity and safe spaces.

Propelled by the success, the campaign got under its previous avatar ‘Unlabel’ content series last year, Instagram and Yuvaa have decided to expand the reach of the campaign this year. The campaign will be launched in a phased manner. The campaign will involve roadshows and conversations with the millennials in more than 20 cities and 50 colleges around the country under its first phase.

Issues like obesity, skin tone bias, homosexuality, gender-neutral laws were some of the issues that were dealt with in the content series of Yuvaa last year. Modern-day scourges like loneliness and the inability to express oneself despite having every possible means of communication at command also found a mention in the conversations the group initiated last year. In order to keep a sustained engagement with the youth, kindness ambassadors and kindness clubs will also be associated with different colleges of the country. Instagram on its part has also taken some measures to protect the younger lot on its social media platform which are most prone to exploitation on the medium. Users opening new accounts on the platform have to mandatorily fill in their date of birth. ‘Restrict feature’ has also been added to prevented unwarranted conversations from anonymous accounts on its platform.