Insult track on PM Boris Johnson tops Amazon Music chart

Shubham Dasgupta
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Insult track on PM Boris Johnson tops Amazon Music chart
Insult track on PM Boris Johnson tops Amazon Music chart

28 Dec 2020: Insult track on PM Boris Johnson tops Amazon Music chart

Sensational music takes little to get recognized, but a track full of hatred towards British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has gained the top spot on Amazon Music Chart.

We are censoring it while naming the song titled Boris Johnson is a F****** C*** for your inference.

The algorithms say it all, as the song has beaten LadBaby's Don't Stop Me Eatin', now on No.2.

Protest song: The song has nothing specifically attractive

The song, available on YouTube has the same sentence on loop, insulting Johnson throughout the song with no other words to attribute the reason why.

The song has a typical rock genre vibe with its scale ascending and the singer raising his pitch to amplify the protest.

The song is sung by The K***s, another suggestive title.

Details: Lead singer thanks for the support

The song has also topped Spotify's UK Viral 50 chart and had recently elicited a message conveying thanks to the supporters from none other than the punk band's lead singer calling himself K**t.

The singer urged fans to keep downloading, streaming, and listening to all four versions of the song available on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify, adding that BBC has refused to air it.

The song's popularity: Calling all those who think likely

"I want to say thanks very much and congratulations to all of you that have helped out on this in Scotland in Wales in Northern Ireland and in England. We're all in the same boat so thank you very much for coming together and showing him what you think of him," said the singer.

The song claimed the 19th spot in the Official UK Chart.

Context: Johnson clammed lockdown because of mutated COVID-19 strain

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker hailed the song on Twitter, shortly after Johnson announced a Tier-4 lockdown in parts of England at Christmastime.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said a mutant COVID-19 strain is out of control, after which Johnson held a COBRA conference with ministers on December 21 to discuss the new variant's spread and other countries' response of banning travel from the UK.

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