International hairstylist Cassella Marco becomes the most talked about hairstylist of Bollywood and Hollywood

Cassella Marco from Italy is one of the most famous L’Oréal hair stylist who has collaborated with a number of international and Italian TV stars.

Marco has been a hair styling specialist for several years. He has thorough knowledge and years of experience in the Hair Styling and grooming business.

Marco’s various hair styling techs has made him a number of fans and followers wanting to go to him for a makeover. He is profound for his ideas and executions and creativity when it comes to hair styling and make overs.

Despite of having tremendous competition in this field Marco has never faltered and always has done justice with his work hence there have been a masses willing to get under his clientele list.

Being a trained professional and having such huge projects in the pipeline Marco has carried out his job well enough having such responsibilities and fulfilling them well.

Cassella Marco’s hair styles have also inspired a number of people giving them tremendous opportunities who want to persuade their careers in this field and fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals.

Marco has a number of fan following on social media as his hair styling techs has inspired masses breaking the stereo types and becoming the most trendy sassy styles of the year.

His passion for the field generated from childhood as Marco knew what he wanted to achieve has went to persuaded his passion leaving no stone unturned he achieved his goal of becoming one of the renowned hair stylist in the world.

Marco has been published in the best magazines like Eva 3000, Donna Glamour and many more. He will soon be seen participating on a real TV show.