International Joke Day 2020: Know History And Significance of the Day That Spreads 'Make People Laugh' Message

Team Latestly

Jokesters, it's the right time to unleash gags, one-liners and jokes as it is International Joke Day 2020. Every year, July 1 is observed as Internation national Jokes Day. The day encourages jokes and laughter to promote happiness. This day hasn't been around too long, it was started by American author Wayne Reinagel to promote his joke books.

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Laughter has been good for the human body. Research indicates that good laugh can reduce stress, boost the immune system and decrease the sensation of pain. A laugh laughter also builds strong relationships. Hence, it proves old cliche- laughter is the best medicine. World Laughter Day: Know History & Significance of the Day That Emphasises on Positive Manifestation for World Peace.

You can celebrate, International Joke Day 2020 by making people laugh around you or by sending them sending them good memes and jokes on social media. You can even play a harmless practical joke on family member, friend or a colleague. You can also read joke books and share your favourite jokes with loved ones.

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As most of the people are working or studying from home due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, International Joke Day 2020 gives you a perfect opportunity to give others gag gifts for a fresh new laugh. So, Happy International Joke Day to everyone and do let us know how you celebrated the laughter day in the comments below.