International model Mikki Koomar's rising popularity is praiseworthy

Mikki Koomar is one of the fastest growing International male model on a global platform. He has collectively worked for many international brands. Mikki has become a brand Ambassador for many international brands and fashion events.

After Paris, Italy, Brazil and Argentina Mikki is now getting affiliated with United Kingdom. He has got an invitee proposal from England's International model Justyna Sofia for a wonderful association and collaboration for the International hot photoshoot and film project.

Ever since Justyna expressed her feelings to work with him on social media, Mikki Koomar took another step and replied to her through his official Instagram and accepted her proposal.

Mikki Koomar is a rising star. Day by day his popularity is growing in the industry and masses. It can be witnessed through his achievements like when he got the International Youth Icon a

Award in USA, and his big birthday celebration with honourable presence of none other than United Kingdom's Member of Parliament, Mr Bob Blackman.

He has given interviews in Saudi Arabia with some of the most reputed media companies of the middle east namely Al-Quds, Alwatan Voice, Al-Fajer TV, Akhbaron, Akhbarak, Watana News, PNN News and 100.8FM.

As of now, Mikki Koomar is getting affiliated with ten International brands around the world between the years 2018 – 2022.

He has had wonderful collaborations with 3 American brands Cupani Fashion, Power Thread, Fadalla Collection. And some more with Italian, French, Brazilian & German brands as well.

Mikki is very proud of his achievements so far and is willing to explore more opportunities that will create an impact globally.