International Tea Day: When a steaming 'cuppa' made scenes iconic

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International Tea Day: When a steaming
International Tea Day: When a steaming

21 May 2021: International Tea Day: When a steaming 'cuppa' made scenes iconic

Tea, chai or 'hug in a cup,' call it whatever, but the charm of a steaming cuppa never fades. Tea-lovers swear by the magic of the drink that can somehow give you an energy boost in the morning, and a calming sensation in the evening with much ease. Movies have also not missed out on the appeal. Here's listing some iconic scenes featuring tea.

Scene 1: 'Dil Se': Love at first sight while sipping your tea

Tea and railway stations are almost synonymous. Shah Rukh Khan's Dil Se.. plays on both in its opening scene, when he spots Manisha Koirala for the first time. While he constantly blabbers, she remains silent. Instantly intrigued and attracted, he asks what can he do for her. "Chai," she says. He runs, but by the time, he's back, she boards a train and leaves.

Scene 2: 'Kedarnath': Tea getting rid of prejudices, leading to romance

Kedarnath, a love story between people belonging to different faiths, has romance brewing alongside hot cups of tea. Sara Ali Khan, who plays a Hindu Brahmin in love with a poor Muslim porter (Sushant Singh Rajput), confesses her love using tea. Whenever he gets them two cups of tea, she throw hers away and shares one with him, making clear she has no prejudices.

Scene 3: 'Andaz Apna Apna': Spreading brotherhood and laughs while sharing tea

Cult comedy Andaz Apna Apna has a funny but unintentionally insightful interaction between Aamir Khan and Salman Khan over a cup of tea. At a tea stall, Aamir sends away one cup of tea, saying, "Do dost ek pyaale se chai peeyenge, isse pyar badhta hai." The line since has been used by youngsters all over to express friendship (or cover-up that they're broke!)

Scene 4: 'Suicide Squad': Harley Quinn makes sipping tea cool (in prison!)

Sipping on a hot cup of tea while reading a book is a vibe, but only Harley Quinn can be cool enough to be doing that in a prison cell. In Suicide Squad, Quinn is seen doing that while You don't own me plays in the background. The move conveys a subliminal meaning that Quinn, a badass, can stay calm as a cucumber too.

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