International Women’s Day 2020: Four easy ways to transform your life with self love

  • By Tiesta Duggal

International Women’s Day 2020: Happy Women’s Day 2020! Each individual as a child knows very strongly that they are perfect the way they are and love themselves for who they are. However, with time as we grow, seeing the media, the world around us, the image of how and what a person should be according to the beauty standards, fitness standards, we start developing an image in our minds and start feeling that somewhere, there is something missing in us or we aren't as perfect as others thus starting to lose the connection with our own selves.

In this day and age of stress, where our connection and communication with the outside world is limited, losing connect with our own self makes the journey of life even more difficult.

Thus it is important to have that love, that appreciation for one’s existence and today, a lot of people globally talk about it too- yes, the term is 'self love'.

Self love: Meaning, significance

Self love means to love and appreciate yourself the way you would do for someone around you, who you love and deeply care for!

As women, especially in India, we are often conditioned to put people’s needs and happiness above ours and working towards everyone's comfort in the process forgetting who we truly are and what makes us happy!

International Women's Day 2020: How to practice self love

Mirror work

Each day, stand in front of the mirror and instead of noticing your flaws or what's not okay, just look at yourself and confidently repeat 'I am willing to love and accept myself' as you practice this each day, you'll slowly notice a change in how you feel about yourself both internally and externally. This is one of the renowned practices followed globally as taught by the International motivational Speaker and author Louise Hay who worked with self love to heal her own life and the lives of millions around the planet.

Invest in yourself first

Each day, take out some time to sit down with yourself to meditate, do deep breathing, work out, read and reconnect to yourself and clear your mind of all that you go through on a day to day basis.

Pamper yourself every now and then

Just like how we pamper the people we love, there is no harm pampering ourselves, treating ourselves and indulging in what makes us happy every now and then.

Make yourself a priority

Doing things for the people around us is good, pampering and taking care of them is good but one should where to draw a line and where to draw your boundaries. Giving too much and caring for others beyond your own capacity often leads to depletion thus when you start loving yourself, you start understanding your own value along with the value of people in your life.

Self love is not just a daily practice but a life long way of being to keep one and connected to their own selves and lead a happy contented life because until you are complete from within you cannot help anyone outside.

(The columnist is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Energy Healer and an International Certified Workshop Leader. Views expressed in this column are the author's own.)