International Yoga Day 2021: A look at 6 Easy Poses for Beginners

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Slowly yet steadily, there seems to be an increasing inclination towards adopting yoga as a way of life among people. Moreover, with the pandemic raging all around, staying home and switching to Yoga for well-being is the best viable, smart, and ‘safest’ option. Considering its far-reaching, long lasting effects in balancing, and revitalising the body, mind — most people are resorting to yoga.

Now, in the enthusiasm to carry out yoga practices, sometimes beginners embark on a regime with some challenging postures without assessing their readiness level.

Yoga must be practiced by considering body’s preparation level; slowly warming up and enabling the body to take on complex postures without straining or injuring muscles, joints, ligaments. What one must be mindful of at this point is that there are some yoga poses specifically meant for beginners to ease them into the practice.

So, for the newbies that are wondering how to kick-start the yoga routine, we are here with some suggestions of easy yet effective poses that you can start with. These are super relaxing, and enjoyable.

Tadasana/mountain pose

It’s a foundational yoga posture for all standing yogasanas. Stand with your feet slightly apart. Then raise your both hands upward, slowly with fingers interlocked; simultaneously raise your heels. Maintain the pose for 6 counts, then bring down the hands and toes slowly back to the original position while exhaling. This is good for ankles, thighs, joints, and spine; improves balance.


Stretch hands in front, bend the knees as if you are sitting on a chair. Hold it for 5-6counts, then relax.


Sit with folded thighs, hands resting on them. It’s good for digestion, buttocks, spine.

Child pose

It’s another simple pose, with vajrasana variation. You just have to bow in front like a child.


Lie on your stomach, lift your torso, head up with hand support, inhaling. Hold it for 5 counts, come back exhaling.


Sit with back straight, raise hands slowly over head, bend forward to touch your legs. Focus on your breath right from the start. Never push your body too hard, beyond its limit.

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