Yoga Day 2021: Yoga Equipment and Accessories That You Must Have; See Images

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Yoga is a mode of exercise that is all about striking the right balance with the correct postures. It is a scientific practice of achieving the union of the body and mind; a routine that requires relatively very little props. Having said that, a few simple props or accessories could be extremely beneficial to a fledgling yoga regime as you can reap maximum benefits from the asanas by eliminating any chances of injury.

Using these accessories, you can ensure the healthiest alignment of your body while practicing intricate to simple yoga postures involving twists, bends, turns. After all, yoga is supposed to help your body relax and not get strained in the process. Hence, it is good to get familiar with such accessories to ease the yogic practices.

On Yoga Day 2021, let’s try making a note of the useful yoga accessories to boost the workout:


This one’s a multipurpose accessory that will make your life easy. Use of bolster lends support during restorative poses that are a little challenging, like forward fold, balasana and fish pose. It holds the body firmly and allows deep relaxation.


This is an amazing accessory that eases away limited flexibility issues during forward folds, acts as arm extender, reduces strain. It ensures better alignment in a safe manner.

Knee and wrist pad

While doing yogasanas, certain areas like elbows, knees, shoulders, wrists bear the maximum friction. This causes stress in the body, which is why padding becomes essential. These offer excellent cushioning to your joints and protects from any possible tear, injuries.


These offer great support while building strength, balance and deepening your yogic postures.

Yoga wheel

It is a unique accessory that massages the back, opens chest, helps in stretching, relieves tension in muscles, boosts flexibility.

Mat, yoga towel

Mat is probably the most basic yoga prop required for anyone willing to practice yogasanas. It is important for ensuring appropriate cushioning, preventing slipping, or ironing out any unevenness on the surface. You can spread a full-length yoga towel to increase longevity of the yoga mat.

Yoga-specific hand towels

These are great absorbents and are a ‘must have’ after your rigorous power yoga or hot yoga sessions. Also, add mat wash to your list as it is essential to get rid of bacteria and freshen up the odour.

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