An Intersting Journey From Banking to Art: Ralph DeLuca

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'Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.'- Oprah Winfrey.

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The above quote encourages one to follow their passion because they will work with all their will and dedication when they love what they do. Following interests has nothing to do with time and age. One should start following it as soon as one realizes it. One such man, who left a stable career to work for the thing that he loves the most, is Ralph DeLuca. He is an art advisor and a pop culture expert.

Ralph's walking through the memory lane

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Ralph says that while working in the financial markets and learning about investing, he realized that the items he collected and loved were also financial assets. Since childhood, DeLuca was fascinated with coins, stamps, toys, comic books, baseball cards, and other vintage articles. He used to collect and save all of these things. Thus, he moved from investment banking to becoming an art advisor and appraiser.

DeLuca's work profile

Ralph works as a contemporary art advisor. He shows the value of pop-culture collectibles as an investment. DeLuca is a noted expert and a buyer and resource to help people build their collections of vintage articles. He offers free appraisals for a wide variety of memorabilia, ranging from vintage movie posters and antique lobby cards to concert posters, baseball cards, and photography. Ralph has adequate knowledge to help people understand the value of their vintage items and help them capitalize on their value.

Ralph's clientele

DeLuca has been a personal art advisor to many billionaires and celebrity clients, such as Sylvester Stallone, Leonardo DiCaprio. He has one of the world's largest collections of vintage movie posters. 'I paid world record prices for movie posters.' claims Ralph.

DeLuca's personal life

Ralph DeLuca was born in East Hanover, New Jersey, USA. At present, he lives in Las Vegas. He is 45 years old and a hard-core lover of old movies and music. Ralph possesses an extraordinary passion for art and collecting and loves architecture and design. DeLuca also supports local charities supporting art and culture. He also bought and renovated Betty Grable's old house in Las Vegas. Ralph works with The Mob Museum as an advisor as well.

Ralph's favorite Miami art week legend or failure

Ralph says that 2020 has been hard for so many, both personally and professionally. 'I think 2020 Art Basel is a tremendous loss, as friends, collectors, and colleagues are not able to gather, share and create value for all.' marks DeLuca.

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