Interview Dress Code For Male: The Complete Formal Dress With Accessories And Additional Tips

Aayushi Adhaulia

There is a very famous phrase called 'first impression is the last impression' and that's true. Do you know why? Because while you are entering the interview room with thousands of questions running in your mind, it's your good appearance and dress sense that creates a good impression on the interviewer even before you begin answering the questions. So, while you are going for a face-to-face interview, it's very important to dress professionally as it increases your chances of winning the position and creating a lasting impression. In this article, we have discussed about the complete dress code and the additional tips, which should be followed by every male.


A suit is a must-have for an interview. But you should be wise about what colour, texture, and type of blazer that you are going to choose for an interview. It's advisable to layer your blazer only with shirts and not T-shirts, as it may look odd and informal.


White, light-blue, black, and grey are among the most appropriate colours. Do not opt for dark colours as it creates a big distraction and doesn't go well with the formal dress. Take a look at the shirts, which are a perfect formal wear.

1. White- While shirt is the most basic shirt, which every man must definitely be having in his wardrobe. You can always rely on a white shirt to add elegance, class, and sophistication to your look.

2. Blue- If you are bored of white, you can opt for a blue shirt but do not go for darker shade as it may ruin your formal look. You can also play with micro checks or stripes.

3. Black- Black shirt is another basic coloured shirt, which you wear for your interview. Make sure it's pure black and not the faded one as faded shade can look a little casual.

4. Grey- Grey shirts are very much trending these days. You can definitely opt for a plain grey shirt but subtle prints or textures in it, will also suit well while you pair it with a blazer.


As we said above, a suit is a must-have for an interview. Any suit without a blazer is incomplete. So, here are the four blazer options, which you can layer with your formal shirt.

1. Black- Nothing looks as formal as a black blazer. Go for single-breasted and two-buttoned blazer as it looks more elegant. Since black is a dark colour, layer it only with light coloured shirt like white, light blue or grey.

2. Grey- Grey blazer is not much in demand, especially for interviews. But still, if you want to look different, you can pick a plain grey blazer but choose the colour of the shirt very meticulously. To play safe, better go with a classic white shirt or else go for black.

3. Blue- A navy blue blazer is the ideal blazer, which will guaranteed create an impression on the interviewer. It looks classy and sophisticated. A navy blue blazer with a light blue shirt is the best pair. However, you can also opt for a white shirt.

4. Maroon- Maroon blazers are quite trending these days. So, you can opt for a two-buttoned blazer and you can layer it with light blue checked or striped shirt. However, wear maroon blazer only if you are sure you can pull it off.


Plain pants or trousers are what you can pair with your shirts and blazers. It's strictly advisable to not pick plain or ripped denims, as it looks very informal and fails to create good impression on the interviewer.

Pants Or Trousers

Pants or trousers works best with blazers. Do not go for some prints or patterns as it's said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It's better if you match the colour of your pants with the blazer.

1. Black- Every man has a black pair of pants and trousers in his wardrobe. Black pants with black blazer makes the best pair but you can also team it with a maroon blazer.

2. Blue- Blue jeans should be strictly avoided! On the contrary, you can go for blue pants and trousers. A navy blue or midnight blue pants are what can be paired with any blazer.

3. Grey- You can definitely pair your grey blazer with black pants, only if grey pants are missing in your wardrobe. If you have grey trousers, that will also work the best with the matching blazer. Experiment with your grey suit and trust us, you will never regret!


Just like the colour of shirt, the colour of footwear is also important. Talking about footwear, it's advisable to opt for a polished and clean pair of shoes with complementary socks. Take a look at the shoes and socks, which you can opt to complete your formal attire.


Slippers, sandals, flip flops are a big no, especially when you are going for an interview. So, you can opt for a pair of polished leather shoes or even a little stylish ones.

1. Black Shoes- So what if you don't have an option to wear flip flops, there are variety of formal black shoes available to choose from. You can wear the conventional black shoes, but it's better if they are leather ones. Depending on your preference, a pair of black leather shoes can have or not have laces. Black shoes can be paired with any coloured suit.

2. Brown/Tan Shoes- You may have got bored with the black shoes, so why not give brown ones a try. Actually, brown ones have also become old-fashioned, instead experiment with tan colours. They not only look decent but also add stylish quotient.


The colour of the socks should also be chosen very wisely. While you sit on a chair, your pants may get pulled up slightly, which will expose your socks. So, do not just wear any colour. Match the colour of your socks with either your pants or your shoes.

1. Grey Or Black- Like we mentioned above, socks should match with the colour of your trousers. A pair of cotton socks of grey or black colour will definitely complement your grey or black pants.

2. Brown- If not pants, let your brown socks match and complement the colour of your shoes at least. It looks decent and doesn't create any distraction.


Picked the basic shirt? Chosen the perfect blazer? Teamed it with suitable pants or trousers? Socks and shoes are also ready? So, you think you are all set for the interview? Wait! You forgot something! If you think clothes are enough to complete your formal look, you are absolutely wrong. Just like the dress code, accessories like a tie, watch, belt, and bag also plays a vital role in giving you a complete formal look.


A shirt without a tie is like a pizza without cheese. You can definitely buy one, but it won't look and taste good without the topping. For the tie, it's advisable to opt for the colour or pattern that will complement your shirt. Take a look.

1. Plain- Plain ties are the simple ties, which consists of only one colour with no prints or patterns on it. You can opt for a plain tie of any fabric but it's better if you pair your shirt with a silk tie.

2. Striped- Instead of plain ties, you can play with some patterned tie. A tie with thin, pin or subtle stripes will look way more elegant.

3. Dotted- Dotted tied are very much trending these days. You can select the dotted tie but make sure it dosen't have big dots and instead boast subtle dots.


It's very important to wear a belt as it not only adds structure to the attire but also make your attire intact and make you look impeccable. While selecting the colour of the belt, you can pick blue, black, or brown. You can opt for a leather plain belt or also stylish belts but make sure it doesn't break the formal code.

Wrist Watch

We love wearing wrist watches because we believe it adds class, smartness, and sophistication to our look. But for an interview, it's advisable to pick basic or leather band watches to maintain elegance. Smart watches, complicated watches, or watches with big dials are a big no no.


While you are going for an interview, make sure you carry all the documents. You don't have to carry the documents in your hand, as some may slip from your hands and also it doesn't leave a good impression. So, it's advisable to carry a bag to keep your documents safe and protected from being crumpled. Take a look at the type of bags, which you can carry.

1. Backpack- Backpack is the safest bag to keep your documents and it's also easy to carry. A backpack can carry many things, so apart from documents; you can also take your laptop along with you.

2. Briefcase- Briefcase is the most suitable bag, especially for men. There are two kinds of briefcase available in the market- one with a small handle while the other with a long handle, commonly called a sling bag. You can pick any of the two, but make sure you pick a simple bag and not the fancy one.

3. File Folder- Don't want to carry a bag or briefcase, you can go for a file folder. File folder is basically used when there is only resume or lesser documents to carry. It looks decent also and creates a good impression.

So, this was the dress code, which every man should follow while going for an interview. Also, take a look at some additional tips that will help you dress even better.

1. Before wearing a shirt, blazer and pants, make sure it's washed and ironed properly.

2. Avoid loud colours as it may create distraction.

3. Spray a good deodorant but probably a mild one. But do not spray way too much as the interviewer may not like it.

4. Go for clean-shaven or well-trimmed subtle beard look.

5. Casual or fancy footwear like flip flops or sandals are a big no no.

6. Polish your shoes well and make sure it's stain-free.

7. Comb your hair properly and make use of gel to make sure it remains at one place.

8. Make sure your nails are not dirty and are well-trimmed.

So, are you ready to nail your interview? Let us know that in the comment section.

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