Interview with Graphic Designer Ali Raza Abbas


Ali Raza Abbas is one of the best graphic designers of this modern era. He has been enlisted in the top 10 best designers of 2018, and all he has achieved because of his hard work, devotion and incredible skills.

Well, he has given lots of interviews through different platforms to help new graphic designers by offering some basic knowledge about this field and some tips that will help people out to become a good graphic designer.

While we also arranged an interview with Ali Raza Abbas in which we had asked lots of questions from him, that could help designers as well. So, here we are going to describe some of the top questions and the answers that we have got during the interview with Ali Raza Abbas.


Q: What thing motivated you to become a Graphic Designer?

Well, there is not such an important or major thing that motivated me to choose graphic designing as my career, while there was the inner instinct that made me follow this thing for my whole life. I used to draw different sketches on software on my computer, and one day, a thing came to my mind why don’t I should pursue this thing as my career. From that time, I started struggling and now I am here to give you an interview.


Q: What factors offered a lot of difficulty in this whole journey?

Well, there were several things that offered a lot of difficulties during this whole time. One of the major things was my financial status. I was not much strong financially and the time when I decided to become a graphic designer, this field was considered quite expensive to pursue. But, I did not lose my hope and worked hard to pay the expenses of my coaching classes. In this way, I was much able to create a little bit of designs for local brands, and that made me a lot of money that time to take my passion to some upper level.


Q: When did you get your Big Start as the Graphic Designer?

Well, it was a pretty long time after when I started to learn graphic designing and decided to pursue it as my career. As I have mentioned that at the start, I used to design some pamphlets, and posters for local brands that made me money, but all of them were consumed to learn more advanced skills, so I spend a lot of time in learning. Even when I had learned lots of advanced skills, no big company was appointing me because I had no experience. Then I joined the local company as a senior designer but the pay was not too much. After spending up to 7 years over there, I got an offer from a big international firm as a junior designer, which I accepted, even though the pay was way low as compared to my current job. But after 3 years in that firm, I finally got a senior designer post and the best salary package at that time.

Q: What do you want to suggest to newcomers as Graphic Designers?

Well, I just want to say that never lose your hope. At the start, you will feel like there is no way to offer you a big success in your career, but you should keep in mind that things need some time to happen. Just give some time to your skills, and keep trying hard to become the best in your field, and at last, you will get the chance that will take you to the peak of your career.


Well, the above has described some of the questions asked in the interview with Ali Raza Abbas. All of these questions are quite effective for a person that wants to be a graphic designer and don’t find any way. So, consider the answers given by Ali Raza Abbas, and make sure to find something helpful for your career.


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