Intrigue, Enigma for Hrithik Roshan takes over! Fans trend ‘We Want KABIR’ to ask him all; Netizens go berserk!


Hrithik Roshan has been receiving accolades from all quarters for his performance in  WAR. The actor is back with a bang with action genre film with WAR and how that the fans want to know it all about Kabir! The fans have been intrigued and curious to know more about how Hrithik had got into the skin of Kabir and what not!

From mindblowing entry, performing high octane stunts to the amazing dance style- the audience has only been praising and appreciating Hrithik Roshan. Also, not missing out on the chiseled body which the actor has been flaunting makes him the perfect fit for the role and complete justice to the character Kabir. What’s on his mind? How did he get into the role? How hot is the hottest when it comes to Hrithik? The fans are totally on a tell us all mode!

Hrithik’s social media has been flooded with fans questions for him, asking him how he prepped himself for his character, acing dance and action choreography and more. One of his fans took to his twitter and asked Hrithik, “@iHrithik Was truly astounded by your layered portrayal of the rugged Kabir. Struck me how intense the preparation must have been. Can u share the thought behind this character, how you gave him his shades, his style, his dance. I am intrigued to know your thought process for him” to which Hrithik replied giving us insights to his preparation as he shared, “Well thank you. Guess everything is about getting into his mind. Understanding him. That was the major prep. Everything else is just a consequence of that”.

Ever since then, Hrithik’s twitter has been flooded with queries from fans owing to which keywords ‘We Want KABIR’ started trending on the social media platform and the fans are asking all their questions here- surrounding the aura and enigma that Hrithik’s character of Kabir holds!

Here are a few questions of the fans.

Hrithik and Tiger starrer WAR has received rave reviews from the audiences and critics. The unanimous reaction is that Hrithik looks flawless; Hrithik and Tiger’s action sequences are jaw-dropping. It seems that the audiences just can’t get their eyes off Hrithik in each and every frame of the film.

Hrithik Roshan has yet again proved his merit as an actor by delivering a power-packed performance in War. The actor has even got a thumbs up for his transformation which he had undergone in just two months from Anand Kumar of Super 30 to Kabir of WAR.

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