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Photo credit: InChief - Getty Images
Photo credit: InChief - Getty Images

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The coronavirus pandemic might have put a pause on in-person social interactions, but it hasn't hindered the relationships we've been fostering online, whether with our already existing friends or with followers we've never actually met.

When the UK went into lockdown, people turned to the digital sphere to keep in touch with others and to find joy outside the four walls of their living rooms. The outcome? Covid pushed us to become seriously creative.

Not a day has gone by in 2020 when we haven’t turned on our phones and been inundated with fashion reels of outfit changes, amazing motion graphics, expertly devised meme humour and TikTok videos of celebrities dancing around in their living rooms. Plus, more than ever before, social media broke down boundaries and become the place for sharing vital messages and campaigns, on everything from the Black Lives Matter movement to World Mental Health Day. As a result, many more of us have become bonafide content creators and it follows that we'd want to harness the full extent of those capabilities.

And that’s where InChief comes in.

InChief is a new online community for content creators. It pulls together a member’s digital footprint and packages it up in a sophisticated, user-friendly and marketable digital CV. A hub for creatives, it offers users the chance to grow their followings on social media, network with other creators across the globe, learn about their industry, and get noticed by multinational brands, meaning big money and even bigger opportunities.

Photo credit: InChief
Photo credit: InChief

Here’s everything you need to know about InChief and how it’s about to revolutionise the way you use social media:

What is InChief?

The best way of understanding InChief is to think of it as a hybrid between Strava and LinkedIn, but for content creators. It’s a one-stop shop for creatives to celebrate, perfect and profit from their content in a smart, easy-to-use and efficient way.

InChief members are invited to create a personalised F.I.T.T.Y. Index, where they’ll be able to track their performances across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

InChief then does the hard work, providing real-time, digestible and accurate statistics about a user’s content, frequency and the social platforms that perform best with certain audiences. It’ll also indicate where users might need to grow their followers and what content they need to refine, plus highlight their achievements.

Photo credit: MARCO BERTORELLO - Getty Images
Photo credit: MARCO BERTORELLO - Getty Images

When it comes to sharing this information with other content creators and the companies that might like to invest in what you do, members will have a ready-made, attractively-packaged digital CV of their work and engagement rate. In essence, you can think of the F.I.T.T.Y. Index as a grown-up, stylish, digital Top Trumps card that showcases your best skills and achievements (without the need for playground battles).

From there, members will be able to earn further accreditations and badges on their Index by taking part in social challenges, whether it’s offering advice to other content creators or recommending a product and persuading others to trial it. They’ll also be able to highlight their partnership history and suggest brand favourites (think Spotify and Starbucks) that they’d like to work with.

Photo credit: InChief
Photo credit: InChief

What are the benefits of InChief?

According to InChief, one of the major selling points is that it's curated by a team of content creators, such as journalists and coders, with a wealth of experience in the digital industry. As such, you get access to advice on how to refine your content or grow platform engagement, and you'd be welcomed into a like-minded community of digital natives hungry to maximise their profiles on the global stage. Like a personal trainer, InChief says their experts will be on hand to give users long-lasting support for turning your output into a profitable and professional brand.

Similar to industry communities like the Business of Fashion, InChief also has a section for editorial information about content creation. Users will be able to read interviews with other InChief members, keep up-to-date with industry news - such as changing social media platform policies and copyright laws - as well as watch tutorials on how to make the most of social platforms.

Photo credit: Edward Berthelot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Edward Berthelot - Getty Images

Members will also receive free gifts, such as legal advice from a team of experts at BrandSmiths, a bespoke brand logo and an InChief press pass.

How can I become a member of InChief?

InChief is offering content creators a one-month free trial, during which time they can receive their own F.I.T.T.Y. Index and track their social performance across all their platforms.

Users can then choose to opt for a monthly or annual subscription (either 66p per day or 43p per day). Find out more about membership here.

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