Are you an introvert? These tips can make your life easier

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Are you an introvert? (Source: File Photo)

It's not easy making conversation with shy people, who of course, find it an uphill task to be around people. Being an introvert can be stressful and apart from a constant inner struggle, you also have to answer questions from others. However, understanding the psyche of an introvert is not easy for people who may qualify as extroverts or are social butterflies. They may as well inhabit different worlds.

In fact, a study published in the journal Psychological Science said that extrovert people on low incomes buy more luxury goods than their introvert peers to compensate for the experience of low financial status, new research has found. The study used real-life data from bank accounts in Britain to investigate the spending habits of richer and poorer people with different personality types.

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Even though you feel all the introvert memes rock, that being left alone is a real party and that almost every extrovert is boring and too chatty, there are a certain bunch of people that you have to deal with. If you are an introvert and believe that people fail to understand you, these tips might help you cope.

Get yourself out of the house

It's fine if you don't want to go on a random date or meet unfamiliar people, but you can still venture outdoors for an early morning city scroll, an evening walk at a nearby park or a coffee break with your favourite book. This way, you can be among people, but don't need to necessarily engage. Thing is, staying indoors too long can isolate you from society. And the next time you need to chat with someone, it might result in undue anxiety.

Pleasant workplace

The strength of an introverted employee is that they just put their head down and get to work. However, if that means you are not contributing during a group meeting or sharing new ideas, it won't help the team in the long run. So it's a good idea to make some conversation happen during working hours.

Stop judging yourself

The first step to staying happy is to accept yourself unconditionally. Trying to force yourself to change completely is only going to disturb your peace of mind. So take one day at a time, track your behaviour in a diary and let the change happen organically.

Surround yourself with good people

Genuinely broad-minded people will never judge you. They can be your close friends, parents or siblings. Find someone you can open up to, so you can talk to them often and get feedback on your strong and weak areas.

Treat yourself

If you enjoy cooking and want to treat yourself with a well-cooked meal, be your own guest! Dine with a glass of wine, good music and a delicious meal; adding candles will do no harm. However, if that sounds like too much effort, going out for an elaborate meal or ordering in is an equally good option.