'Invincible' animated series gets March release on Amazon Prime

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25 Jan 2021: 'Invincible' animated series gets March release on Amazon Prime

If 2021 has started to bore you already, Amazon Prime Video has some good news to offer.

The streaming platform has fixed March 26 as the release date of a brand new comic universe set outside the ambit of the regular DC and Marvel universes.

Here's introducing Invincible, a lesser-known but highly-acclaimed title that has its own universe and is published by Image Comics.

Omni-Man: Mark owes his superpowers to father Nolan

The comic has been written by Robert Kirkman with art by Ryann Ottley and John Rauch.

The title had a monthly run starting from 2003 and concluding in 2018, with focus on teenage boy Mark Grayson, who owes his superpowers to his father Nolan.

Nolan is called the Omni-Man, a being whose abilities are at par with DC's Superman.

Details: 'Invincible' teaser exhibits the superpowers

The first three episodes of the series will be out on March 26.

The streamer has also released a teaser clip that starts with a sequence of a baseball practice session between Mark and Nolan.

Nolan is seen throwing the ball at a great speed toward the opposite direction of Mark.

It travels a great deal before returning to Mark.

Storyline: Nolan instills confidence in Mark

In what appears like a dream sequence, Nolan assures a clueless Mark about how the path is riddled with surprises for any aspiring superhero.

Mark later comes out panting and talks to someone who looks similar to the butler Alfred Pennyworth from the Batman comics, telling the "kid" to "get to work."

Next, we see Mark aka Invincible parched on a crane, like Spider-Man.

Promise: Animation will retain the graphic content from the comic

The show stars Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead fame as Mark and JK Simmons of Justice League as Nolan or the Omni-Man.

Talking about incorporating the graphic content of the comic in animation, Kirkman said, "There's some really insane, graphic things that I think would happen when you have super-powerful people coming up against each other, and that has to be maintained (sic)."

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