The Invisible Man off to a 9.8 million dollar opening in North America

The Invisible Man box office

The Invisible Man has received positive reviews.

Elisabeth Moss starrer horror thriller The Invisible Man has collected a respectable 9.8 million dollars at the North American box office. The Leigh Whannell directorial is a modern adaptation of late English writer HG Wells' eponymous book.

Whannell, known for films like Saw, Insidious and Upgrade, has also penned the screenplay.

Moss plays the role of a woman who believes she is stalked by her dead abusive boyfriend, who she thinks has acquired the ability to be invisible.

The Invisible Man has received positive reviews from critics. Its Rotten Tomatoes rating is 90 per cent. The critical consensus reads, "Smart, well-acted, and above all scary, The Invisible Man proves that sometimes, the classic source material for a fresh reboot can be hiding in plain sight.

The Indian Express film critic Shalini Langer gave the film a mixed review. She concluded in her 2.5 star review, "A lot of the horror lies in having one second guess the source of fear. Having revealed its hand too early, there is only so much The Invisible Man can do to keep up the surprise element. What adds to the disappointment is that the film has its sure-shot moments of slow-burning terror, like a hunt in the attic, the sudden glimpse of a shape, and that early sequence at the house."

She added, "One keeps hoping director Whannell — stepping in to help Universal Pictures with the reboot of its hit horror franchises — will return to that house, and its angles and shadows, its whispers and echoes. These seem to house more secrets than the film chooses to tell."