IPL 2020 Playoff Qualification Scenarios: MI Have Not Yet Qualified - Yes, You Read That Right

Cricketnext Staff
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IPL 2020 Playoff Qualification Scenarios | Mumbai Indians went to 16 points with a victory over Royal Challengers Bangalore, but still, no team has qualified yet. Officially, there is still a chance that MI might miss out, but that's only mathematical probabilities. Only one team has been knocked out. That's how tightly IPL 2020 has been poised as teams begin to look at 'qualification scenarios'. Here's an explainer:


Mumbai Indians: 16 points from 12 matches and a net run-rate of 1.186. They're the first team to get to 16 points this season and have two matches remaining. However, there is still a very very slim chance that they might miss out. Almost a negligible probability. How? Because there is a possibility of five teams finishing on 16 points each.

Here's an explainer of that situation:

MI lose to DC and SRH

KKR beat CSK and RR

RCB beat SRH and DC

KXIP beat RR and CSK

DC beat MI

However, even in that scenario, MI's superior net run rate should take them through. Their real aim will be to finish in the top 2, for which they need only one more victory.

Matches remaining: Against DC and SRH.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: 14 points, 12 matches and a net run-rate of 0.048. Like MI, RCB too are almost through to the play-offs but it's not official due to reasons mentioned above. RCB are losing some momentum with losses to CSK and MI in their last two matches, which could hamper their chances of finishing in the top 2.

Matches remaining: Against SRH and DC.

Mumbai Indians Stay Top of Points Table as Suryakumar Yadav Takes Team to Another Win

Delhi Capitals: 14 points, 12 matches and a net run-rate of 0.030. DC have lost three in a row and have matches against MI and RCB, the top two teams. They're losing momentum at the worst possible time, but their good work in the first half should be enough to keep their place in the top 4. However, if they lost both, there's a possibility of them not making it to the top 4 as KXIP could beat them on points and SRH could be tied with them on points but end up with a better NRR.

Matches remaining: Against MI and RCB.

Kings XI Punjab: 12 points, 12 matches and a net run-rate of -0.049. Who would have thought that KXIP will win five in a row? They won only one match in the first seven matches but have turned it around to be in the fourth place now. With matches against Rajasthan Royals and CSK coming up, they could well make it to the top 4.

KXIP's NRR isn't too great so they'll likely need to win both their matches to ensure a spot.

Matches remaining: Against RR and CSK

Kolkata Knight Riders: 12 points, 12 matches and NRR of -0.479. Having blown hot and cold through the season, KKR are in a situation where they'll have to win both their matches to give themselves the best chance of a spot in the playoffs. One win could be enough too, but their NRR will hurt them.

Matches remaining: Against RR and CSK

Sunrisers Hyderabad: 10 points, 12 matches, NRR +0.396. Buoyed by their big win over DC, SRH will be aiming to win both their remaining matches for that is the only way they can make it. If they win both their games, and other results fall in place, they will end up on 14 points with a very good NRR that should take them through unless four teams manage 16 points.

However, they have a couple of tough matches coming up.

Matches remaining: Against RCB and MI

Rajasthan Royals: 10 points, 12 matches, NRR -0.505. RR's poor net run-rate means their chances of qualifying are low. If they win both their remaining matches by big margins, they could give themselves a chance hoping teams will be tied on 14 points. Mathematically, their qualification is still possible.

Matches remaining: Against KXIP and KKR.

Chennai Super Kings: The team that has made it to the top 4 every year has been knocked out already. The remaining two matches are all about salvaging some pride and looking at combinations for the next season.

Matches remaining: Against KKR and KXIP.