IPL Controversies: Shah Rukh Khan's infamous Wankhede spat

Everything seems to happen at Wankhede Stadium. 4 titles, several controversies. With all that drama, it's almost as if the stadium is in the home of Bollywood.

On May 16th 2012, the Kolkata Knight Riders were en-route to winning their first IPL title over the Chennai Super Kings, who had won each of the previous two editions. Their owner, Shah Rukh Khan - yesteryear's Bollywood heartthrob - was in a celebratory mood.

And here's where accounts differ - Shah Rukh (SRK) claims that he witnessed his daughter being manhandled by a security guard after the win, as she and her friends tried to go out onto the Wankhede pitch. So, SRK said he acted as any father would - he went out and argued with the guard. The kids were led away, before a mysterious man in yellow appeared and began hurling abuse at the 'superstar'. Khan reacted by abusing this man. The kids were out of earshot. And he never physically assaulted the guard, he asserts.

The aforementioned guard, however, claims that he merely instructed SRK's daughter not to enter the ground, which prompted a violent outburst from SRK and his entourage. He too claims that the kids were nowhere near when the beating took place.

Whatever he did that night, SRK was banned from entering the stadium for five years, a ban that he served faithfully until the Mumbai Cricket Association lifted it in 2015.

Meanwhile however, another man (perhaps this mystery man in yellow) a social activist named Amit Maru demanded that Mumbai Police lodge an FIR against Khan for violating the Juvenile Justice Act by using expletives in front of children. He did so in 2015, after watching videos of the brawl. Thankfully, a metropolitan magistrate dismissed this demand for want of evidence. Still took them four years to do that, though, as the matter was only officially closed in 2019.

His kids, the ones deemed to be scarred by those horrible, horrible expletives, are 22 and 19. We're sure they've heard far worse things in college.

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