Iqbal Singh: The revered guide of new entrepreneurs

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Everyone who has accomplished something in life always has had a guiding force, a path that someone showed them or a perspective that influenced them to an extent that it changed the course of their life. Leadership and mentorship go hand in hand and most people would like to get mentored by someone who has their best interest in mind.

Iqbal Singh is the founder of WAF Entrepreneurs, a firm that is wholeheartedly dedicated towards providing mentorship and guidance to young entrepreneurs who have a dream to expand and grow their businesses to higher levels. The foundation of WAF Entrepreneurs was laid down in the year 2013 and since then, Iqbal Singh has been on the continuous grind to grow the venture and create a network of world class entrepreneurs who are looking for a foolproof plan to enter the business world and upgrade their lifestyles.

Since childhood, Iqbal had a very deep rooted desire to start a business and make his own life’s rules. He didn’t want to spend his time on a 9 to 5 job, cribbing about life inside a small cubicle. Iqbal Singh dismantled the conventional belief that top class academic grades are a requisite for success and accomplishment in life.

Initially Iqbal’s aim was to become successful in his field but now the goal has eventually developed into making more people successful in their arenas of business. The vision of WAF Entrepreneurs is to empower new age entrepreneurs and give them the plan that they need. The enterprise gives a concrete platform for young people who enter the business world. This platform is packaged with professional and personal guidance and mentorship which contribute tons to an entrepreneur’s progress in his business and life.

Iqbal Singh says that his success was not overnight and a lot of long hours and days have gone into the making of the man he is today. He says, “The reason why I’m capable of guiding newer people is that I’ve put in a lot of work in myself.”

His company, WAF Entrepreneurs has recently made a revolutionary progress in digitizing itself and helping hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs in bringing their businesses online and enhancing connectivity. Iqbal says that the goal was to give a “wider networking space to the clients and entrepreneurs so that continuity, dynamicity and evolvement is evident in their growth.”

Iqbal Singh is the type of person people thank in their success speeches. He has been an extremely passionate source of inspiration and encouragement for thousands of young entrepreneurs in India and abroad. With an approach to continuously flourish, Iqbal Singh’s WAF Entrepreneurs is possibly one of the most growth inducing and promisingly successful firms in India. It has been the go-to firm for many new age entrepreneurs who today swear by the efficiency and effectiveness of the professional supervision and guidance that they’ve received.

Iqbal’s is the story of an accomplished person who continues to work towards the growth and upliftment of people.

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