Ira Khan Got Slip Disc at 19, Vows to Take One-month Workout Challenge on Her 23rd Birthday

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Pouring her heart out in a video, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan revealed that she suffered slip disc at the age of 19. It is a condition wherein intervertebral disc of the spine loose its normal shape. Ira, who is celebrating 23rd birthday on Saturday, has also vowed to do a one-month workout challenge and post regular updates on Instagram.

In the video posted on Instagram, Ira is seen talking her heart out. While the star kid feels she has put on weight, she thinks it is “different from feeling heavy.”

Due to suffering slip disc at the age of 19, Ira said she is still “so far away from where I used to be.” Explaining the struggle she has been gone through due to slip disc, the star kid said that she cries in gym not because she feel fat but because she feels unable to move the way she used to.

Comparing her childhood with present days, she added how she used to jump off the bed when she was a kid. She also asked the viewers about who can stand up from a chair. Answering it, she said, “I do and it and it has been bothering me and I have done nothing about it. It’s entirely my fault. I let go so much.”

Accepting that she eats junk food while convincing herself that she will burn off the calories, Ira mentioned she does not actually rid off extra weight. Now, she has decided to take charge of her life and vowed to take on a one-month fitness challenge in which her boyfriend Nupur Shikhare, also a fitness trainer, will help her with the process.

She will be doing workout for five days and devote two days to stretching and abs. Her fans wished her a happy birthday in the comments section. They also hoped that Ira will be able to successfully complete the challenge.

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