Isabella Sanchez, The Coach Who Built A $500,000 Business On The Web

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Isabella Sanchez is no stranger to success when it comes to her coaching business. As with any entrepreneur, she’s passionate about what she does, who she serves, and why she launched her business. As someone who built her business on the backs of YouTube and Instagram, Isabella certainly knows a thing or two about building a business on the web. With years of experience as a coach, she has gone on to scale her 6-figure business into something beneficial to her, and life changing for her clients. In this article, we’re going to hear a bit about Isabella, her journey, and what she stands for.

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It Began With Empowerment

“I started my coaching business back in 2016, so about 6 years ago. I launched my YouTube channel – that was my first big thing. It grew really quickly. I was a certified coach, I was certainly generating engagement and hearing from my subscribers quite frequently, and I had amassed more than 30k subscribers. However, I just wasn’t really making any sales.”

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Isabella goes on to say that she was strictly focused on empowerment. She felt as though women around the world lead beautiful lives, but their stories aren’t told. Far too few women have the chance to live out their dreams, and she wanted to provide them with the knowledge, strategies, and motivation needed to share their story, to manifest their vision, and to achieve their dreams.

“I had a vision, and I knew where I wanted it to go, but it was a challenge to get there at first. YouTube recognized my channel’s success – in terms of subscribers – and they started to invite me to marketing conferences where I had the opportunity to meet and greet, mingle, and connect with celebrities, fellow YouTubers, influencers, and the like. And yet, I still wasn’t earning money through my channel.”

A Shift In Approach

It was at that very moment that Isabella realized she was doing something wrong. She left her YouTube channel behind and decided to clear the board and work from scratch. She started an Instagram profile and instead of placing an emphasis on followers, she simply dedicated all of her energy to engagement.

“I only had about 2,500 followers and an email list of 500 addresses or so. I wasn’t focused on quantity – instead, I was focused on the quality of engagement.”

With her new Instagram profile, Isabella was able to focus in on her messaging, direct it toward her target audience, and ensure that she was doing everything she could to add value in their lives. She simply focused on solving problems and providing solutions.

Today, Isabella is a master sales professional. She’s a wonderful coach, but she also knows how to use her skills and experience as a coach to close sales. All it took was a shift in approach, a new mindset centered around confidence, and continued consistent messaging that resonated with her target audience. And with that, Isabella turned her Instagram profile with 2,500 followers into a $500,000 business.

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