Isaimini Website : How they Leak Movies and Download Movies in HD, What They Do And How Are They A Menace To The Entertainment Industry

Amar Singh Rathore
Decoding Isaimini Website : How They Leak Movies

Isaimini is an infamous blacklisted website which has leaked many regional films from the entertainment industries hailing from down south. They leak movies on all languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam movies etc. This is the pirated site that leaks movies. Read on…


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This is how the Isaimini user-interface looks like!


Isaimini is a public torrent website which leaks Tamil movies online. Isaimini website uploads the pirated versions of Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films on their site.

Isaimini website

More than 12,000 websites were ordered to be blocked by the Madras High Court, and we are not surprised that out of those many, 2,000 suspected sites, one was Isaimini.  Despite all the action taken, many Telugu and Tamil films get leaked on the infamous website soon after they release nationwide.. Says a lot about them right?

Isaimini Tamil Movies

Isaimini have also leaked several south Indian movies like Telugu and Malayalam as well. The pirated content-driven website Isaimini uploads the pirated versions of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam and several other language films on their site despite the countless warnings. Despite the implementation of several rules and introduction of many ground-rules, the Government has failed to stop the flow of leaked and pirated content of films on websites like Isaimini. Isaimini provides content from all directions possible and contains a lot of pirated data from various film industries illegally and benefits many users in providing them HD versions of films ready to download! There are lots of content about Isaimini Tamil Movies download is available on internet and spammers are promoting it without any problem. It should be stop.

Several production houses, directors and actors have time by time urged the audience and these users not to download pirated and leaked content from a website like Isaimini and prefer watching them in the theaters but their efforts have gone in vain.

Download Movies Isaimini 2019

One will see several highlighted headers like these on the website which tempt the users to download the pirated content for free and hence, supports piracy!

Why They Must Be Stopped : The films which are made over a budget of more than a hundred crores and even more are shared online for free in minutes. The cheaper and pirated versions lack quality and kill the whole movie watching experience hence causing huge amounts of loss for the producers and the distributors of these multi-crore ventures.

Disclaimer: We dont support these type of piracy sites. We does not support or promote piracy in any manner. Its against of indian government rule.

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