Ishant Sharma’s rigorous workout requires a lot of stamina; take a look

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Ishant Sharma posted a video of his workout session on Instagram. (Source: ishant.sharma29; image designed by Rajan Sharma)

Cricketer Ishant Sharma is doing some rigorous fitness training, as evident in the video he recently shared on Instagram.

In the video, the fast bowler gave us glimpses of some of the exercises he has been practising, beginning with single leg step-ups, followed by running and weight training. "Back to my happy place," wrote the cricketer alongside his power training video.

Ishant is quite a fitness enthusiast. In an interview with ESPNCricinfo, he was quoted as saying, "If I don't to the gym, I feel empty, as if I have done nothing."

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Benefits of step ups

Earlier, celebrities like Mandira Bedi also showed us how to combine step-ups with barbell squats. Take a look:

Step-ups help strengthen the lower body. It affects muscles on your thighs--quadriceps and hamstrings--apart from gluteus maximus, according to LiveStrong. A 1997 study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that step aerobics could also reduce "tension, depression, fatigue and anger".

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Benefits of running

In the interview with ESPNCricinfo, Ishant also revealed he preferred running on the ground over a treadmill.

Running, according to LiveStrong, develops lower-body lean muscle mass. This strength-building exercise helps you build stamina and lose fat.

As per a 2013 study in an American Heart Association journal, running reduces the risk of first-time hypertension, diabetes, and first-time high cholesterol. Running has also been found to lower the risk of early death, according to another recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.